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We have been servicing appliances in the area since 2001. As an authorized service member for most USA-made and overseas manufacturers, we are up-to-date and ready to service all your Affordable LG Appliance Repair in Tinely Park IL. Just contact us to see the quality of service that we provide and our friendly and helpful staff will be glad to assist you with your appliance service needs. We are a local company stationed out of the heart of Chicago.


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Our goal is to provide our customers with the quality of service they deserve for a great price from professionally licensed technicians. 


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Prestige Appliance Repair . You want to see a list of such cities. If your city isn’t listed, we recommend contacting our representatives. In most homes, most food is stored in the refrigerator, so malfunctions can be a valid cause of alarms. 

Prestige Appliance Repair Services is a well-known professional licensed to work with major brands and appliances. Our goal is to fulfill our wishes and bring the device back to work without breaking the bank of Affordable LG Appliance Repair in Tinely Park IL. 

We promise to assist you, we strive to provide a price list of the most common repair and infrastructure requirements. This is a national price guide for important home appliances. Simply changing the door sign can solve the occasional sealing problem with the outside door. Testing the device takes 30 days, but you are responsible for the service.

This allows you to test our experience more thoroughly. This reliability depends on the quality of service and customer satisfaction, so it turns out to be useful when repairing device software of Affordable LG Appliance Repair in Tinely Park IL. We value your business and want to do our best

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All of our installations are guaranteed with a 1 or 2-year warranty. We always use shoes, disposable gloves, and portable vacuums

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